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Esteemed Springfield Alimony and Child Support Lawyers in Missouri Help You Support Your Family

Work with alimony lawyers in Springfield in your divorce case

Divorce can disrupt an entire family, leaving you with the worry that you may not be able to support yourself or your children. With more than 25 years of experience in family law and divorce, Jay P. Cummings is a devoted alimony lawyer in Springfield who works hard to ensure a fair settlement for you — one that allows you to continue to live a suitable lifestyle,

When you work with our firm, you meet directly with Mr. Cummings and together develop a legal strategy to achieve the resolution that’s best for your children and the relationships they have with their parents. He serves as a strong supporter of your parental rights and financial future.

Alimony and child support settlements are critical in any divorce

In Missouri divorce cases, spouses are often entitled to financial support to provide them with the opportunity to maintain their standard of living, to a reasonable degree. When one of the divorcing partners is unable to pay living expenses, a court may order the other spouse to provide regular alimony payments.

Alimony is based on a number of factors, including the level of education, career opportunities and financial outlook of both partners. The amount of alimony you’re entitled to may also depend on the length of your marriage. To make sure you get a fair alimony settlement during your divorce proceedings, work with Attorney Jay Cummings, one of the most experienced child support lawyers in Springfield.

Springfield alimony lawyers work toward a fair agreement

Whether you’re seeking alimony, child support or both, you need to obtain a reasonable amount of financial support so you can maintain a comfortable standard of living. Attorney Jay P. Cummings fights for you, serving as your devoted advocate and helping you avoid unjust suffering due to a divorce or separation.

Contact one of the top Springfield child support lawyers today

For a divorce lawyer who cares about your family’s well-being, call Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law today at 417-647-1097 or contact us online. Serving Greene County, Christian County and Webster County in southwest Missouri, our Springfield office offers flexible hours for your convenience.