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A Committed Child Custody Attorney in Springfield, Missouri Helps You Get What’s Best for Your Children

Get the personal attention you need from a devoted lawyer

In a divorce case, nothing matters more than the well-being of your children, and Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law, helps to ensure that you and your children move forward together. Attorney Jay P. Cummings has more than 25 years of experience in family law and divorce in Springfield, and he serves as a devoted advocate for your parental rights and your children’s future.

If you’ve been searching for reliable custody attorneys in Southwest Missouri to handle your family law needs, you’ve found what you’re looking for in our firm. Let Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law give you the attention you need during a difficult time in your life — and help you work toward a resolution that preserves important bonds between parent and child.

Child custody issues are often complex

When a divorce involves children, the courts typically attempt to provide a custody arrangement that preserves the best interests of the children. This may involve consideration of a number of factors, including:

  • Fitness and stability of parents
  • Age of children
  • Living arrangement of parents
  • Child-parent bonds
  • Children’s schools and activities
  • Children’s preferences

In many cases, it’s better for both parents to come up with an amicable custody agreement rather than leave it up to the courts. However, if you do go to court, you know that you have a strong advocate with our firm.

Springfield child custody lawyers work on behalf of your family

Mr. Cummings is a committed representative for you and your family, working hard to find resolutions that leave your children in the best position possible moving forward. He takes a personal approach to your case, helping you see the big picture and what’s best for you and your child. After all, a divorce settlement or trial should first and foremost assure that your children have the best opportunity to flourish.

You can also work with our Springfield family law firm for modifications of child custody if your living arrangements or financial circumstances change in the future. No matter what your needs related to divorce and child custody may be, you can trust in the guidance of Mr. Cummings.

Call one of the top child custody lawyers in Springfield now

Work with an attorney who helps you to attain what’s best for you children. Call Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law today at 417-647-1097 or contact us online. We’re located near the intersection of Battlefield Road and Highway 65 in Springfield and provide plenty of parking and flexible hours. We serve families throughout southwest Missouri, including Greene, Christian and Webster counties.