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A Detailed Division of Property Attorney in Springfield, MO Helps You Reach a Fair Agreement

A caring lawyer who advocates for your rights, assets and future

Married couples build assets together over time — property that can be very difficult to divide when they divorce. These issues can get complicated, but an experienced Springfield division of property attorney can help achieve a fair agreement between you and your spouse. Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law serves as your dedicated advocate in your divorce case, working closely with you from your initial consultation all the way through to the final divorce decree.

With more than 25 years of family law and divorce experience, Jay P. Cummings knows what it takes to effectively represent individuals in fairly dividing property and assets during a divorce. If you need a reliable division of property attorney in Springfield, you’ve found what you’re looking for in our firm.

Approaching division of property issues during a divorce

In Missouri, the law states that assets, earnings and property acquired during a marriage must be addressed, although courts often take into consider the financial situations of each individual after the divorce when determining the division of the property. However, if, for example, one spouse misappropriates assets or accumulates a significant amount of debt primarily for his or her benefit, adjustments can be made by the court to reach a fair result.  You need an experienced Springfield division of property attorney at your side to make sure you don’t pay the consequences for your spouse’s irresponsible behavior.

A division of property attorney in Springfield fighting on your behalf

When you work with Attorney Jay P. Cummings, you get the personal attention you need to craft an effective strategy for your divorce proceedings. He helps you obtain results that leave you in a good financial position, whether through amicable solutions or by fighting for you in court. You have a right to certain assets and property after your divorce and our firm works to make sure you get them.

Call a Springfield division of property lawyer today

Make your divorce go as smoothly as possible by calling Jay P. Cummings, Attorney at Law today at 417-647-1097 or contact us online. We’re located near the intersection of Battlefield Road and Highway 65 in Springfield and have flexible office hours for your convenience. We proudly serve Greene County, Christian County and Webster County in southwest Missouri.